Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's only weather and concrete

Why is it whenever a weather catastrophe happens, religious people ask their deity to help those who are afflicted by this tragedy, and why do they ask others to pray for the same thing?

I suppose these believers could subscribe to the thought-process that their god isn't responsible for weather. If they feel that way then I can somewhat respect their prayers to these deities. Why? Because at least they are rational about how our atmosphere/weather works and are just asking their god to help with the suffering the survivors are experiencing.

Of course, this can't be true, either, because any person who believes there is a god who can ease the suffering of these individuals, would have to believe their god is omnipotent and omniscient. And if that were true, then their god could indeed affect the weather. If that's the case, then this god allowed the catastrophe, so why ask it to help NOW? Hasn't your god shown just what he thinks of these people by allowing the typhoon to rip through their country and kill 3K people? And NOW you want him to intervene?

The recent travesty in the Philippines inspired this post, and more accurate, the posts on Facebook by family members made me write this. It started with their requests for friends and family to pray for those affected by the typhoon. But then the ultimate insult to rationality in the form of a picture of a concrete statue of Jesus made me laugh. It was posted to FB and underneath the photo this caption: Sign of hope.

How unbelievably ignorant and insulting! Imagine, a few tons of concrete in the shape of a man (who may or may not have lived) survived wind and rain! Never mind the nearly 3K people who died or the billions in damages done to the country. And what exactly is the hope this piece of cheap concrete (that you wouldn't even buy at a flea market for $20) suppose to instill? That god can survive weather but humans can't? That Jesus is there for them? Where was he when those poor people were drowning and dying of blunt force trauma to the head after debris hit them traveling 200 mph. Pathetic.

The statue even looks as if Jesus is welcoming the storm. Did the idiots who captioned this picture also mention that a brothel and gay bar just behind the statue withstood the typhoon, too? It's a miracle!

Grow up people. As I've said before, god is NOT in the rain, sorry Evy.

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