Sunday, September 22, 2013

I don't hide behind ad hominem attacks

The mark of an insecure person is their use of ad hominem tactics. Instead of standing up for what they believe in based solely on its merits (and only promoting that), they spinelessly and ignorantly attempt to knock down opposing viewpoints (and those who hold those views) with childish insults, lies, censorship, retreat and non-researched propaganda. 

And all of this is an attempt to make them feel better about their empty lives, the mistakes they've made along the way and/or, most likely, a lack of confidence in what they're defending. Otherwise, why use ad hominem attacks? Their insecurities are as transparent as their minds are obtuse.

These are my words. I don't need mindless platitudes generated (by someone I don't even know) on some meme site to convey my feelings, and I don't have the hand of some ruthless, bullying, lying institution shoved up my backside.

I'm no puppet; I think for myself. And I certainly don't need to resort to insults to defend my actions or to promote the stances I've taken in my life.

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