Sunday, September 8, 2013

NFL return means nauseating thanks to deities

As the NFL season begins today, one of the most egregious uses of religion comes in the form of player interviews and pre- and post-game prayer sessions.

When the camera is on and the mike is shoved in the face of the star of the game, he often gives thanks to god or the lord, saying he's blessed and god was shining down on him. So, players on the losing team aren't blessed? God always prefers the winning team, don't ya know? 

When Ray Lewis, who should be in prison for his involvement in a murder but got off because of his fame, won his second Super Bowl, his diatribes about how Jesus loved him and was the reason for the victory made me just ill. If there were a god, I would thank him for getting this idiot out of the game finally. Now if ESPN would only wake up and realize they have a scumbag in the studio doing analysis.

I'm also grateful Rev. Tim Tebow is out of football. Everyone knew he was a joke, and I can't believe it took four seasons for the NFL to realize this. His Tebowing was another nauseating appeal to the sheeple that unfortunately is part of the zeitgeist. A lot of good it did him, and his selfish attitude toward his career cost him a spot on an NFL team. Go start your ministry dolt, and leave football to the talented players.

But thanking some god for your abilities is as empty a sentiment as can be. If there were a god, it certainly wouldn't be concerned with something as trivial as grown men running around on a pitch with a pigskin, and he certainly wouldn't take sides. Praying for your team to win is not only laughable, but if you think your team actually won because of your god answering your prayer, then you're just sick and pathetic.

Do you really think god would prefer one team over the other? I know prayer doesn't work, but if you're going to do it, then pray for something worthwhile, not a 48-yard field goal.

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