Thursday, October 17, 2013

My first secular crisis

I am currently going through my first family crisis since admitting my non-belief. The most difficult part for me is not that I'm starting to miss the comfort of prayer (I never believed in it before and it never gave me comfort anyway) or the "let go, let god" cop out, but the person who is having the crisis is deeply religious and I'm as close to her as any person on this planet. 

It's the first time I am having to comfort someone without the fallback of telling them I'll pray for them or that god is there for them. I suppose it's much better now that I can be perfectly honest with myself and with them by not saying something I didn't believe anyway. I obviously won't mention anything about non-belief or how prayer doesn't work, I'm no ogre, but at least I won't be lying either. I'll merely show support by empathizing and offering to do whatever I can in this trying time. I do admit it's a much more difficult situation when you can't just say you'll pray for them, but if I'm honest, compassionate and loving it will be better, because it's something they can tangibly appreciate and make their lot in life easier.

I'm hopeful things will turn out ok; I will be miserable without my mother.

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