Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Which is worse, pseudo or blind?

Who is more offensive: Someone who proverbially thumps you over the head with their bible despite never actually reading it, or someone who has read the bible and still believes it's entirely true and a moral compass?

When I see sheeple on Facebook posting excerpts from the bible, I know they likely haven't ever read the book. They are merely liking or sharing some cherry-picked verse, a platitude or meme designed by some other follower who likely hasn't read the bible either. These are the people who say the bible is their guide and the reason they believe in god, but when you quiz them on the bible, they actually have no idea what's in the book. When you call to their attention the atrocities and inconsistencies of their holy book, they dismiss it, say they aren't smart enough to understand it or they don't believe what you are saying. This is what I like to call a pseudo Christian. They were told what to believe as a young person, never questioned it and never really cared enough to seek out all of the available information. I don't question their devoutness, I just know they don't really know all the facts.

Then there's the believer who has read the bible, perhaps attending classes to study it or just reading it at home. When these people recite verses from the bible, and still believe it as god's word, I am offended. How can anyone read that book, know that slavery was endorsed, rape was accepted and murder practiced, and still be a Christian? I like to call these people blind Christians. They either lack enough stability and fortitude in their lives to think for themselves, or they are so stubborn they refuse to admit they (and their religion) are wrong. 

So, I think the latter person is much more offensive. This person knows the bible is pure filth, that it isn't divine, and yet they still follow it, and try to make others believe it, too. Misery loves company. At least the pseudo Christian is just mostly ignorant. Don't get me wrong, both are offensive, but blind Christians know the difference and still try to infect everyone.

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