Monday, January 13, 2014

More on heaven and hell

I've given it a lot of thought, and I can't possibly believe a heaven or hell exists. I know I've touched on this before, but I will revisit it from time to time because it's such a huge topic.

Recently, my wife brought up an interesting point: Heaven is supposed to be eternal bliss, is it not? And I would have to agree, the religious interpretation of heaven is that of being happy forever.

But, it's such a tangible interpretation. Could we really think "souls" would think, feel and experience the kind of happiness we have here on earth in a physical form? If the answer is yes, then here's the biggest problem with heaven: As we all know, according to the beliefs of Christians and the words of the bible, it's not easy to get into heaven, and hell is the more likely final destination for much of the world. After all, think about the billions in India who were indoctrinated into Hinduism. If the Christian god exists and its ridiculous dogma is true, then these poor people are going to be writhing in hellfire forever, while some Christian moron in West Virginia has heavenly bliss. The Jews who reject Christ total in the millions, and are they doomed to being charcoal? What about those who never heard of Christ, before and after the "fact?"

The reason I bring this up is, it's more likely than not that someone you love dearly on this earth is going to end up in the Christian lake of fire for all eternity. If you were a believer, and you lived the Christian moral life and were "rewarded" with a spot on a cloud for eternity, how can you be as happy as possible if you know people you love are suffering forever? There is a verse in the bible that refers to the saved looking down on those condemned to burn in hell, but how can you be content and blissful with this scenario?

Christians would spout off some ridiculous statement like "Jesus will wipe away all the pain," but that's just wishful thinking and mind control. So those in heaven can only be happy if they get some heavenly lobotomy? Pathetic.

This gets back to my wife's statement. She so wants to ask the believers in our family how they can worship a god who has this very plan in mind. She wants to know how they can look forward to heaven knowing their children, according to the very doctrine they believe wholeheartedly in, will be burning until the end of time and beyond, or have them erased from their memory?

Great questions that deserve a great answer, but somehow I don't think one is forthcoming.

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