Friday, January 3, 2014

Perfect universe? Hardly

When someone says they see creation in the perfection of our earth/universe, I can't help but show how misguided this line of thinking is. They point to how much of a razor's edge we balance on and how a tip in any direction would mean we wouldn't exist (gravity's strength, earth's orbit and rotation, the Goldilocks zone); they see that as design, but how can they? It's this very reason why Intelligent Design goes out the window. Why would we be put in such a precarious position? Can't an omnipotent designer make a world that is more efficient than this? We've evolved in spite of this unintelligent design; it's these conditions that allowed life to exist, life didn't exist for the conditions.

Creationists obviously have this incredibly arrogant perception that this world was created/designed for them, that it's "perfect" for life. Here are some statistics that absolutely destroy that stance.

• 99% of every species to ever inhabit this planet are EXTINCT. Bet you didn't know that.
• 69% of the earth is covered by water that humans can't drink.
• Of the 29% of land on earth, only 50 percent is habitable for humans, meaning humans can live on only 15% of the entire planet.
• The Andromeda Galaxy is hurtling toward the Milky Way at 250,000 mph and will end our civilization in roughly 4 billion years, a shorter period of time than how long the earth has been in existence.
• Our sun is set to run out of fuel in about 4 billion years, so humans could be long dead before the galaxy collisions anyway as the sun would have swelled up to a red giant and engulfed us, burning every living thing on our planet in a torturous vapor.

That's some designer, far from perfection. If you asked someone to build you a house and when he was finished he told you that 9.9 out of every 10 living things that live there will die, that you could only live in 15 percent of the overall square footage, could drink/use only 1 percent of the water that comes out of your taps, are in danger of other neighborhoods collapsing on your home and the heater in your home is going to someday burn so hot you will vaporize, you would say screw that, you're a horrible designer and I'm not buying it.

And I haven't even scratched the surface with how much is wrong with the planet and universe, including how much waste there is throughout the observable universe (macro view) and the viral natural diseases (micro view) on our "perfect" planet.


  1. Point out with a photo of harlequins ichthyosis & the mutation on the ABCA12 gene effects - use the nastiest photo & *Feel sickened* that such a creator can design such a mess. Obviously a creator would be fired for negligence if existed. If the creator does exist then I'd rather rebel in hell bathed in an impenetrable armour & weapons of logic and reason.

    Saying that you never know the effect you have. I used to be a theist (orthodox jewish)with doubts around 2006 but "pretending" to be fundamentalist and not a troll but engaging atheists on a blog at that time (called something like the Frum Jewish skeptics)
    Whilst I did not overtly acknowledge I was defeated on the blog the very act of engaging in the debates created even more doubts and a few years later I was well versed in logical fallacies, scientific research on evolution (brought a library of books), critical reasoning and answers for virtually any apologetic nonsense assault. - so it is worth it ! Now I am a philosopher-scientist and found most of my answers living happily without any invisible friends.

  2. Thanks Baruch, and your post on TTA was the inspiration behind my argument with this theist, and she merely said babies with these defects were still beautiful. I told her it was a sick attitude and I wasn't focusing on the look of these poor children, I was explaining the suffering.