Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Let's play the feud

If people choose to have faith (no matter how much I believe it's a poor way to live your life), I support that. I would never tell anyone how to lead their lives or force any beliefs on them. Everyone is entitled to their lives and they're free to do with it what they want. But what I can't stand is someone being completely ignorant about a particular topic and not only pontificating about that topic but then they make comments about the topic in a derogatory insulting manner. Ultimately it makes them look foolish, which is a minor consolation, but it could do more damage than good.

Let's take a look at a perfect example with this 2009 interview between Joy Behar and Steve Harvey. Watch this, and then I'll have some afterthoughts.

First, he says he would never date a woman who was an atheist because, "If you don't believe in God, where's your moral barometer?" This coming from a man who has been married three times (twice divorced) with children from two women. If he were a god-fearing Christian, he would have made his first marriage work, or at the very least his second marriage. And since he's a "devout" Christian he should know he's going to hell anyway.

But to insult an entire section of society because they choose to look for evidence of some supernatural event/being is pure ignorance. Morality doesn't come from a book, especially not the bible. It's a fact that morality has developed over millions of years through group behaviors, especially in the animal kingdom with survival tactics.

Harvey admits to just "walking away" from atheists because he has nothing to say to them, and then he calls atheists "idiots" because they don't believe in a god. This is what I meant earlier when I talked of people commenting on a subject about which they know nothing and then hurl insults about those tied to the subject. But the topper for me, and it was so sweet hearing him say it, was when he tried to take a swipe at evolution. "Why are there still monkeys?" Classic stupidity and horse-and-buggy thinking.

Where do I begin? As I've written on here before, evolution is FACT. We didn't come from monkeys; we have a common ancestor. The tree of life has branches, not rungs of a ladder. This interview, which came on the Larry King Show when Larry was on vacation, was to plug Harvey's book. In this book is where his marks about atheists first arose. What surprises me is his editor/publisher/publicist/agent never pulled him aside and said, "Hey, man, I know what you want to say here, but you're the idiot."

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt. — ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

If I were to have 10 minutes alone with this moron I would call into question his morality for marrying three women, having children with more than one woman, lingering child abuse accusations and his insensitivity toward millions of people. Then, if there was still time, I would school him on the Theory of Evolution and explain that he didn't come from monkeys, but he certainly has the brain of one. Then again, that's giving him too much credit.

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