Sunday, December 1, 2013


You may recall a post I had earlier this year when the NFL season began and I said the inevitable "Thanks to the lord!" crap would be spewing from athletes every Sunday, but it was a Saturday college football game that really took the prize.

Yesterday, Auburn upset Alabama in the Iron Bowl in dramatic fashion. Alabama, the two-time defending national champs and No. 1 team in the country, had its dreams of an unprecedented third straight national title dashed when it got greedy and tried to win the tied game with a mammoth 57-yard field goal as time expired. What the Tide hadn't accounted for was the Auburn coach realizing the kicker probably couldn't get the ball that deep, so he placed his best return man in the end zone, thinking there would be a shot of returning this kick with no time on the clock.

Sure enough, the kick fell into the returner's hands and he promptly ran it back for 100 yards for the monumental upset victory, 34-28. As the player is being engulfed by celebrating teammates, the CBS announcer, caught up in his own religious superstitions, exclaims, "a prayer answered!" Then, in an interview with the player immediately after the game, he was asked what was going through his mind as he crossed the goal line. His response? "God is good, god is good."

That's right, it wasn't all of your hard work over the years and the preparation, or the teammates blocking for you; it was god's magic wand. It wasn't the coach having a great presence of mind to realize the kicker wasn't strong enough and to put you back there. Nope, god is good. At least he recognized god's limitations and didn't say he was great.

Yep, god is an Auburn fan apparently. Never mind the millions of Alabama fans who were praying for the field goal to be good, they can suck it, because god loves the Tigers this year. Actually, this doesn't prove god loves Auburn, it means he loves Florida State, because the Seminoles would never have beaten Alabama in the national championship game, but they will now kick Ohio State's tail for the title.

God loves FSU!

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