Friday, April 11, 2014

Hollywood getting more pathetic by the minute

Is it just me or is Hollywood's pandering to the ignorant religious right and fearful theists getting ridiculous? In the span of about two months, the movies Noah, Son of God and Heaven is for Real have been released. I'm sure there are more, I just don't spend any time investigating this tripe.

At least Noah was made by an atheist and pretty much ignored the Genesis myth, but it still relied on theists to pack the box office. These movies are so transparent yet it doesn't stop believers from flocking (pardon my pun). It seems every decade or so this cycle repeats and it's nauseating.

And you'll notice only "religious" movies get protested and bullied by those religious nuts when the flick doesn't depict exactly what they want it to say. Did you ever see Star Wars fanboys boycott Episode II because they hated Jar Jar Binks? Of course not (and if ever a reason existed to boycott a movie that's as good as any)!

It's amazing how many Christians whine that they are being persecuted when they make up the majority and are the first ones to impose their will on those who don't conform to their irrational beliefs and/or superstitions.

I just think Hollywood is running out of movies to make so it figures a religious flick is a no-brainer since that's exactly what is required to be in the religious majority: no brains.

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