Tuesday, August 20, 2013

God's Master Plan

"You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe. Every day was recorded in your book!" -- Psalm 139:16

In other words, everything is predetermined, predestined by the god of the bible. There are so many problems with this, I actually struggled with where to begin.

How about prayer? Doesn't god having a plan throw a huge kink into intercessory prayer? We already know prayer doesn't work (see my post here), but the delusional believers who continue to get on their knees (and speak to an invisible force that's not there) don't know it doesn't work. If they truly believe prayer works, then that would mean their god had other plans for them and they changed his mind.

They are essentially saying to their god, "Your predetermined plan is wrong in my mind and I would like you to alter it in my favor."  (Wouldn't that be a form of blasphemy?) If the prayer is answered in their favor then prayer works and the perfect god isn't really perfect, he's humble and able to be convinced he makes mistakes. This is a god I could get behind. Of course I believe there is no god, but if there were one I'd like this one.

Now, if god already planned their entire lives down to the minute, then how could he be persuaded to change his mind? Everything is predestined, remember? You can't have it both ways ... Oh wait, all of Christianity believes you can have your cake and eat it, too. Kill someone? It's OK because you can be forgiven to pass into heaven. And just as a quick aside, if their god is omniscient, as they absolutely believe, then wouldn't that god know what you want already? Why pray? Does he just like to hear you beg before he'll consider changing his plan? It's just preposterous on so many levels.

But this master plan has so many problems with it. Here's a particularly appalling one:

Nine million children die each year before they reach the age of five. If you do the math, that means by the time you finish reading this sentence a handful of children will have died a horrible death, likely of starvation or lack of medical treatment. And, if you believe Christianity, this is all part of god's plan. There is not enough publicity spin in the universe to make the Christian excuse, "God works in mysterious ways," rectify this horrible statistic. Imagine a god sitting idly by as 17 children die every minute, and if you believe he's omniscient then you know he could stop it and chooses not to ... because of his master plan.

The tsunami that killed 250K people a few years ago? All part of the plan. Hitler? God knew Hitler was coming and would kill 6 million Jews, and he did zilch to stop it. Judas? Christians hate him, but he was only doing what he was supposed to do ... if you believe in the plan.

Cancer, murder, genocide, rape, child molestation, drug addiction, thieving televangelists, tornadoes, hurricanes, torture, 9/11, hell, satan and anything else you can dream up are all just god's way of managing his children. What a loving father. And, even the things Christians are against is still part of the plan. Don't believe in abortion? God's plan. About 30,000 denominations of the one true god's religion, which leads to war, divided families and other violence? All part of his plan.

The best part about this argument is Christians can't fall back on freewill, which I destroyed here anyway. But even if there was Christian freewill, that doesn't explain natural disasters, cancer, children dying and anything else out of their control. If you read the quote at the top of the post you saw that god planned every moment of your life, so how can you have freewill, and how can you be punished for whatever path you chose in life?

What about his wasted design of the universe? One planet in a sea of billions of planets has life? Why make the other planets, or the other trillion stars and billions of galaxies? Why make an earth that kills off 99 percent of all of its species? If he made them, then he made it so they would become extinct for no reason. If there was a god and he truly made this planet just for us, then why not just make one world that worked and didn't rely on a sun, etc.? Why make the Andromeda galaxy so that it is on a collision course with the Milky Way, which would kill us all, provided the sun hasn't become a Red Giant and swallowed us whole by then.

So, what is the rational explanation? All of these things are occurrences that are a product of their surroundings and environment. That there is no indifferent god ignoring us or making us suffer intentionally. We truly have freewill, there is no afterlife justice and we are all just stuff made from stars. No plan, just life.

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