Saturday, August 17, 2013

The retort that never happened

As I posted previously, I joined Facebook with the intention of defending myself and throwing cold water on the ignorant believers when they overstep their boundaries with their arrogant lies. 

But the other night a post was made by a family member that basically insulted scientists and said they are stupid when they try to prove there is no god. I had visions of firing off a comment that would just destroy this person, but felt it was best to launch my opening salvo when the topic just couldn't be avoided and was personal. So I took the high road. But since this is my blog and that person will likely never see this, here is what I wrote out as therapy, and then never posted it.

Seriously, what is the point of your ignorant comment and for posting this at all? Are you looking to goad your atheistic family members into a public debate you can't win? I'm game. Are you trying to show how little you know about science and burden of proof? Scientists have never tried to prove there is no god; they have much more important things to do, like keeping you and your family alive. Scientists search for answers to the unknown, completely the opposite of what you so irresponsibly and unappreciatively posted. What you and believers like you are so afraid of is science continues to find answers to the unknown, and eventually there will be no more room for god, and then what? You'll have to think for yourself? Being a scientist is perhaps the most admirable profession there is, and it's the sole reason you can drive your Lexus, live in a plush home with electricity, fly to Wyoming, play with your little magic box and make offensive comments on this atrocity known as Facebook. Putting quote marks around the word scientist is so sad, and the only time you should do that is if you accompany it with Creation Scientist, because they are truly the pathetic ones who deserve the quote marks. What they do isn't science at all, but rather an abomination. Real scientists don't have to prove there is no god because they aren't the ones convinced there is one. That's your responsibility as a believer, and you'll never be able to do it. Why not keep these worthless jabs confined to your Apologia group where your non-thinking followers can continue to mindlessly nod in unison? 

Anyway, I just felt like putting this somewhere so I know I addressed it somehow, even if no one else reads it. Some day, and that day is coming soon, I'll start to comment like this and then no one will be friends with me on FB.

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