Friday, August 9, 2013

Like clockwork, their ignorance shows

Through all of my research, I read plenty of testimonies from deconverts who listed the comments their religious family members had made when they finally came out of the closet, and I thought to myself, "My family wouldn't think that way." 

But just like clockwork, they showed just how brainwashed and indoctrinated they really are (from morality superiority to evolution rejection). The most common remark I found from other nonbelievers was when their families would say, "So Atheism is your religion?" And that recently came from one of my devout family members as well.

Atheism isn't a religion. That would be a contradiction in terms, like army intelligence. It's merely a rejection of theistic claims, a position on one issue, and that issue is whether or not any god exists. I don't subscribe to any dogma, tenets, traditions, beliefs in the supernatural or any governing bodies. There's absolutely nothing religious about it and any claim otherwise is pure ignorance.

The inevitable retort from these people is, "Well, you have to have faith to be an atheist." What jibberish, and it's this sort of mindless response that proves these people absolutely are sheep resigned to posting worthless empty religious platitudes on Facebook because they can't think of anything important to say for themselves.

Faith is a belief in something that has no evidence for its existence. Atheism is a stance, like I feel a woman has the right to abortion. You wouldn't say you have to have faith to be pro-choice ... well you might if you didn't even understand what the word faith meant.

Atheism just means there is zero evidence of any god or anything supernatural, and to call it a religion is sad on so many levels. It isn't a belief at all.

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