Thursday, August 8, 2013

Perhaps god needs a bigger condo

I haven't written much lately, partly because I've been terribly busy and was out of the country, but mostly because I need to be moved to write. At random moments during the day I may have a thought that I could develop into a full post, but most of the time I just move on to my next task and forget about the moment.

One thing that has been gnawing at me like a termite on a soft piece of poplar has been how believers aren't the least bit concerned that their god made multiple appearances in the OT, "returned" in the NT, promised to return again before his disciples died and never did, and how no god of theirs has ever returned in 2,000-plus years. 

Matthew 16:28 "Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom."

This god waited about a quarter of a million years as humans suffered and wandered aimlessly on this planet to finally intercede, often chatting directly with certain individuals, disappeared, reappeared, spewed a bunch of parable nonsense and then went away again and never came back. Why? What's the problem with returning? Is he waiting for something? Perhaps we're stuck in some cosmic PlayStation's role-playing game and haven't earned enough points to where we are worthy enough to face the level's leader. 

There's no reason why Christ shouldn't come back right now. What's comical from the bible is the verse where Christ says he is preparing rooms for us in heaven, like some weekend sleepover at a cottage. How can you read this and not laugh? The bible constantly gives man-made attributes to afterlife locations, proving this book is man-made. 

Certainly there are enough people here to make it worth the trip for Christ to return, and with Christianity dying, wouldn't he want to come now before losing any more souls? And wouldn't a teeny tiny appearance "resurrect" Christianity and essentially eliminate competing religions and non-believers? Doesn't he want this? Unless maybe he's running out of real estate up there and can't fit us all so he's waiting for us to all turn into atheists so he can fit those few believers left in his spare bedroom.

Isn't it just a little suspicious that god would leave so much to chance by only sticking around for a handful of years, relying on imperfect humans to safely record and pass on his word? Look at how well they've done so far.  There are more Christian denominations than there are sentences in the bible. Think about that for a minute. 

It just makes so little sense that an all-knowing being would leave us behind. What does that accomplish? Why are we here at all then? Just take us now. How big is his ego that billions and billions of worshippers (throughout time) isn't enough? If god promised to return in his followers' lifetime and didn't fulfill that prophesy, what does that tell you? 

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