Saturday, March 22, 2014

Well, that was quick

As you may have read in my post below this one, I joined a Christian forum to offer a chance for those believers to ask an atheist anything they wanted. I set some ground rules and the Christians could resist me. 

One guy, who said he was a scientist, though he clearly was just regurgitating some tripe, threw a bunch of science crap at me about the cell and DNA, and I played along for a bit before I finally told him atheism is just a stance on one topic and that's it; it's not equivalent to science nor does atheism claim anything about science, the origin of life or the universe. 

He didn't even know what the God of the Gaps argument was and he shoved his head into the sand the second I offered to explain all of the fallacies he was committing. And despite finally understanding what atheism is, he still couldn't stop asking me about science conundrums and I pleaded with him to understand what the Gaps argument was so he would stop asking me similarly ignorant questions. But like most Christians the indoctrination ran deep with this "scientist" and he couldn't see past his own agenda.

Others used beauty as their incredulity toward someone not believing in their god. Some asked if I believed the words of Jesus were recorded accurately and when I told them no they again were incredulous. Many resorted to ad hominems, despite me being very patient and taking the high road.

I was so looking forward to responding to the rest of their questions when I found out I was banned. I had at least a dozen alerts in my account, meaning there were that many questions or remarks waiting for me but alas, I am banned. It took less than 36 hours, and I'm terribly disappointed for two reasons. The first is I wanted to use this exercise for content on my blog. But the other reason is a couple of people were PMing me asking questions, and I felt like I could have worked to get them to open their eyes, but now I won't have that chance.

Pussies. But all is well, and I have joined another forum and made the same offer, so stay tuned.


  1. Hey this is proplayer44 over at the thinking atheist. I see you have a blog going and have wrote a lot. Ever thought of buying a real domain name for your blog instead? Then you could install wordpress on it. Maybe add a little bit of affiliate marketing links on there and you may see a little kick back for your effort. Just a thought, let me know if you wanted help with it.

  2. Thanks for the offer, but I really just write this to stay sharp and don't need the income. I hope you like the blog.